The RVC has a range of dedicated staff to help with welfare matters.  They are based in the Advice Centre and the service operates equally with the same staff across both campuses. You can drop in anytime, email or book appointments in person/skype (via LEARN, the virtual learning environment) - whatever is most convenient for you! 

All the services are confidential and contacting them will never compromise your course at the RVC. Information is only shared with your permission. They are happy to talk to you about anything at all that may be of concern, however big or small. They do work closely with the SU but your information remains confidential to the advice centre service.

Extensive information about their services is on their website.

The Advice Centre Manager is Fiona Nouri ( and if you have any concerns at all please do contact her directly. She is based in Camden and comes to Hawkshead every week.  The team Assistant/Administrator is Toni Butcher and you will receive emails from her advertising events or sending out information.

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Although not part of the Advice Centre, another really important team working closely with them is the Learning Development Team. With Rachel Davis is the Manager and based at Hawkshead, Sophie Pullen is based at Camden. Rachel and the team can offer advice on methods of revision, handling stress, most suitable ways for you to learn and any other problems you have with learning. They also run the PAC scheme (Peers Assisted Coaching) with students. Contact for Camden student enquiries and for Hawkshead student enquiries.