Welcome and congratulations of gaining a place at the RVC. However, before you get into the lecture hall, the fun starts here with FRESHERS WEEK (and a bit) 2019! With events every day to explore London's day and nightlife and meet other people that are on the same journey you are.

Make sure to buy your Freshers 2019 Wristband to gain access to all events on the wristband, get your clothing from the shop and come to every event you can! We have a mix of day and night, drinking and non drinking events to tide you over 'till that first lecture to make sure you have the best start to your time at the RVC.

Click --> HERE <-- to see the Freshers 2019 Booklet and --> HERE <-- to see the Freshers Welfare Booklet!

(download the PDF, view best on a PDF reader or Edge)

Please sign up with a guest account to buy tickets and wristbands. Please purchase in YOUR name (not your parents). Wristbands are for FRESHERS ONLY - Older years will be able to buy tickets at a later date. Any other issues or questions please contact sufinanceandshop@rvc.ac.uk or SUWebsite@rvc.ac.uk

Wristband includes:

- Free Entry to events included on the wristband

- A RVC Freshers 2019 T-Shirt

- 2 Free Drinks (Speed Dating/Karaoke)

Click on the events below to find out more and purchase a wristband or tickets!

Camden Wristband for people based in Camden

Hawkshead Wristband for Nurses



Back to School @ Ministry of Sound - Freshers 2019
24th-25th September
Ministry Of Sound
Mug Painting with Andy the Chaplain - Freshers 2019
24th September
Common Room - Both Campuses
Freshers Fair 2019
25th September
Hawkshead Campus
Come on down and see whats to offer at the RVC at Freshers Fair 2019
Mug Painting with Andy the Chaplain - Freshers 2019
26th September
Common Room - Both Campuses
Salsa - Freshers 2019
26th September
Speed Dating & Karaoke - Freshers 2019
26th September
The Haxby/Buttery
Mug Painting with Andy the Chaplain - Freshers 2019
27th September
Common Room - Both Campuses
Camden Guided Tour - Freshers 2019
27th September
Want to see around the area you'll be living in? Come take part in our guided tour!
Beerdrinking 2019
30th September



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  • I can't buy a wristband, can i buy individual tickets?
    • Yes, Individual tickets will be released at a later date! Keep an eye out on our social media for this.
  • Can friends/partners/significant others buy tickets?
    • Yes, tickets for others to buy will also be released at a later date. Unfortunalty, they cannot purchase wristbands.
  • I don't have my RVC login credentials, how do I purchase a wristband?
    • Please sign up as a Guest account to purchase wristbands/tickets along with apparel