Challenge yourself to see how much active time you can accumulate over the week, whether it's walking, running, cycling, or something else! Replace journeys that you would usually drive with active ones and see how much litter you can collect along the way. Please record journeys as runs, bike rides or swims, otherwise they won't count towards your total.


We will lend all participants a litter picker and hi-vis vest for the duration of the challenge, as well as providing you with an SU face mask and hygiene key - just make sure you add your address to the Google form!

12th - 18th April



  • Gold: One-year Strava premium membership, worth £47.99
  • Silver: "Zero waste starter kit", worth £32.95
  • Bronze: £20 voucher for eco-friendly online store "Peace with the wild" 
  • Bonus litter picking prize: "Zero waste starter kit", worth £32.95

The bronze, silver and gold awards will be based on active time accumulated over the week, and the litter picking prize will be for the most litter collected - this will be awarded based on photo submissions to (one of them out litter picking, and one of the litter itself - they must show the inside of any bags which are opaque). 


Google form for sign-ups:

Strava club:


Please review your privacy settings on Strava and avoid starting and finishing at your house. Stick to local government guidelines, and please ensure you wear gloves and/or wash your hands before and after touching any litter as well as using the litter pickers provided!