For eons a fierce rivalry has brewed between the two great campuses. Every year they met on a cold windy May day to flex their muscles, dust of their studs and fondle their balls. And this year is no exception...


Welcome to the first ever Virtual Camden vs Hawkshead Varsity!! 

All throughout May the Student Union will be running a virtual varsity which EVERYONE can get involved in; students and staff alike! And it's completely free!! 


--> Join in and get your FREE ticket here <--

What is it?

Throughout the month of May students and staff from each campus have the chance to earn points for their homeland by running, walking, cycling and completing challenges. Anyone can compete. Everyone will earn points. Only one campus can win. Will it be yours?


How to get involved:

1) Head over to and 'buy' a £0.00 ticket. These will go on sale 1st May.


2) That's it. You've just earned your campus a point! Now run, walk, cycle and compete to earn more points for your campus! 


3) Stay up to date with the competition by joining the event on Facebook'Camden vs Hawkshead Virtual Varsity 2020'


How do I earn points for my Campus?

  • Join the varsity as instructed above - this must be done before you can compete! 
  • Get the Strava app and join your campus - Search in clubs for 'RVC Camden Campus 2020' or 'RVC Hawkshead Campus 2020
    • The accumulative distance walked/run over the month of both teams will be added up and compared. So even if you just walk to the shops you will have helped out your campus! 
      • A PRIZE will be given to the individual who's walked/run the furthest
    • The accumulative distance cycled over the month of both teams will also be added up and compared.
      • A PRIZE will be given to the individual who's cycled the furthest
    • Fastest kilometre run: Think you're the fastest? Record a 1km run on Strava and send it in. Fastest over the month will win a point for their campus and a prize.
    • Best RVC written: Use the route planner (or go awol!) to write RVC with your run then run it! Best RVC will win a point for their campus and a prize. Will be decided by a surprise judge!
    • Most interesting drawing: Use the route planner (or go awol!) to draw a picture with your route. Best drawing will win a point for their campus and a prize. Will be decided by a surprise judge!
  • Step count: I realise you all have your own step counters so just screenshot your step count each week and send it in with what campus you're on! Totals added up for the month.
  • Keepie-uppies: Film yourself doing keepie-uppies with a football or whatever you can find! Highest scorer earns a point for their team.
  • Most innovative exercise: Send us your videos of exercising in weird and wonderful ways! Using bags of sugar for weights, a dog lead for a skipping rope or whatever you can think of! Points points points! 
  • SU run classes: Join some of the many classes the SU are running each week such as yoga and fitness. Every member who attends will be representing their campus! 
  • Sports and societies events: Some of the clubs will be running events throughout the month. Whether they be live fitness classes or art opportunities. Every person who attends will be representing their campus! 
  • Weekly challenges: You ever seen taskmaster? Wanted to give it a go? Think you've got a pretty good imagination or just want to kill some time? We'll be releasing weekly challenges for you to attempt. Every attempt will be noted and every victor earn a prize. 


Please send all evidence to 'RVC Camden Activities Studio' on Facebook or email it to with the Subject title 'CvsHH'. Please do not send Strava runs (with the exception of the fastest km) as I will read them directly from the app. If you want your scores counted in the weekly CvsHH updates I will be doing please send me them by 23:59 on the Monday. Video updates will be released on the Wednesday of each week. 


Who will win the hallowed trophy? Will Camden keep hold of it? Or will this different format benefit Hawkshead? You decide. Good luck!


DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a free ticket you agree that we are NOT responsible if you hurt, not limited to: injury, disfigurment or death. Any activities done are at your OWN RISK.