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NUS Extra

NUS is the National Union of Students and it "is the national voice of students helping them to campaign, get cheap student discounts and provide advice on living student life to the full."

Why Should I Get An NUS Extra Card?

NUS says: "NUS card is the ultimate student lifestyle and discount card, offering fantastic savings from over120 retail partners."


At only £12 (2013/2014) for a year, you will save more than you spend on purchasing the card! With a vast selection of stores and restaurants where you can get discounts such as AppleMcdonalds and ASOS, it seems daft not to do it??

You live in London, save your pennies where you can!! 

You can also get an ISIC (International) card for an extra £2.99 with your order, which can be used in 126,000 locations with 41,000 benefits, to find out more click here.


How To Get Your NUS Extra Student Discount Card:

Here are the simple details:

  1. Click NUS Extra Card to open the purchasing web page,
  2. Enter Royal Veterinary College as your place of study and the specific details of your course,
  3. The card will cost you £12 and lasts for 1 year,
  4. Upload an image of yourself,
  5. Enter your personal details & pay.

Your card will be posted to the SU in Hawkshead, we will then let you know it's arrive and can arrange a pickup at either Camden or Hawkshead. 

Not convinced? Go to NUS Extra to find out more...


Problem? Did your card not get to the SU?

Unfortunately there can be glitches in the system, If we have not received your card but NUS has taken payment, it is most likely that you will need to complete a further step in the process. You will need to contact NUS directly about this by telephone 01625 413 277 or email It's always good to know which email address your card order is associated to.