Welcome to the Haxby!

If you are an RVC student or staff, make the Haxby your watering hole - your home from home!

A proud part of RVC's student union, the Haxby is a student run bar where the drinks are cheap and the staff are friendly (usually).

With a pool table, TV's, sofas and bar snacks, we aim to provide our hard working students and staff with somewhere to relax between lectures or unwind in the evenings.

Named after the late Don Haxby, a graduate of the RVC who led a colourful social life, we run freshers events, sports teams socials and quizzes all with the aim of bringing the people of the RVC together in a way that would make him proud.



Monday: 17:00 - 23:00 

Wednesday: 17:00 - 23:00

Open for events on request!



If you would like the bar to open until 12.30pm we need at least a month's notice to apply for a late night licence. Extended hours may occur for things such as sporting events on television or pre-planned events with licence extensions. 

We can be booked out for events, so whether you want to pre drink, have a quiet few or just to be a social butterfly come to the RVC's premium drinking space. There's only one rule, NO VET CHAT.


Email thehaxby@rvc.ac.uk

Or find us on Facebook for bookings and more information!

Grace Flaherty (Manager)