TIP #1: Get Fit

Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you can't exercise and this is the perfect time to start! You may find yourself becoming more unhealthy while sitting at home. Start with a few situps/pushups a day and progress from there. Theres also multiple websites, apps and clubs currently showing workout routines so join one of those! We recommend RVCBC's weekly workout stream, Centr (6 week free trial - who doesn't want to look like Chris Hemsworth?!?), Nike Training and VetFit! Isolation also DOESN'T mean you cannot go outside, take a run (but make sure to follow government and NHS guidelines and stay 2m away from everyone)

Centr - - Available on App Store and Google Play
Nike Training - Available on App Store and Google Play
VetFit -


TIP #2: Discover

Theres not a better time to start discovering new music and this can be done while doing other things. We've even started a playlist where we're putting a new song on every day that one of our Officers or Staff are enjoying at the moment. Check it out! This can also be applied to TV shows, movies and games! - Our favourite series are Brooklyn 99, Limitless and Atlanta! They can be found on the Our Recommendations page!

TIP #3: Clean

You should probably be cleaning anyway since this is a viral pandemic but you know those clothes that you've been moving from your bed to your desk chair and vice versa every day? Yeah how about putting those away. Take 5 minutes to just do one small task inbetween doing other things. Scientific Studies have shown that a messy room can correlate to and cause depression. Your bedroom is your personal space. It’s where you drift off, wake up and likely spend a lot of me time. Unlike a cluttered space, an uncluttered room won’t overstimulate your senses, distract you, make relaxation difficult or trigger guilt for letting things get out of control. A clean room lets you have a little bit of control in a time period where everything is uncertain. It will also help keep healthy.


TIP #4: Schedule

Keeping to a schedule like you would in uni life may help again to provide some order to a day and keep your sleeping pattern in check. Make sure to wake up, have a shower and breakfast, make your bed, open your window and do something productive every day. But make sure to spend time doing recreational activities as well to not overload. This will also help you to not run out of recreational activities if you do something productive.


TIP #5: Learn

Yes we know, summitive exams have been cancelled but that's no reason to get lazy and stop studying. Go over those textbooks, go back on those lectures, read over those notes. If you don't want to write anything maybe watch a youtube video on it! Go down a rabbit hole on something you're interested about and read a paper about it. Cement that knowledge! Here's a few youtube channels that are great for educational content (not just vet related education)

Ninja Nerd Science - (BVetMed1, this has done me well)
Tom Scott
Mike Boyd
CrashCourse - (and this one)

VetWings - Great for 3rd years and on!


TIP #6: Challenge

Why not give yourself some mental stimulation and take on somthing you've wanted to do or something completely new. A great example is by RVCHC and their Hockey challenge


TIP #7: Tour

We all love tour but this isnt the type of tour you're thinking about - why not take a tour of a museum, aquarium, theme park? Here's some to take a look at.


TIP #8: Taskmaster

Have you ever watched the show Taskmaster? (if you haven't you should - I binge watched it in 3 days). It's where a group of comedians complete tasks in their own way. How about joining in HomeTasking - the play at home version of the show where the host - Alex Horne gives a task and Greg Davis judges all the submissions. Take a look here!

TIP #9: Quiz

While everyone is stuck inside there's plenty of quizzes going on online being streamed - like our one April 1st on our Facebook and Instagram 6:30pm! Come join!
Others include the Scouting For Girls Pub Quiz - have a google and you're bound to find some. Likewise, follow along with quiz shows such as Pointless, The Chase, Tipping Point and University Challenge - get that general knowledge in!


TIP #10: Compete!

Ive always found that competition is a way to lose yourself and pass the time. How about take some time to compete. Play a video game competition. Train for that next time you do your sport competition. Take part in our photo competition weekly (found on our social media). Learn a new skill. You've got all the free time in the world, you may as well.