Committee 2019-2020

Meet the Committee!

RVCSU IVSA Representatives 2019-2020

Hello RVC!
We are your IVSA Reps - Chantelle Woodward-Iles a BVetMed 2 student (standing); your Senior IVSA Representative.... and Laura Scowen currently in BVetMed 3; your Junior IVSA Representative. Essentially, when we are elected as Junior Rep our role is 2 years long, similar to your AVS Reps.

A brief intro to IVSA: it has over 40,000 veterinary student members across the world, spanning over 100 veterinary universities and over 65 countries. Chantelle and Laura are both involved with IVSA on other levels; Laura is an Executive Committee member! Whilst Chantelle is involved with IVSA committees at a local level and a passionate member of the RVC ladies football team.

As your reps, we aim to promote all IVSA opportunities including travelling abroad via RVC's annual group exchange and/or other IVSA global events, veterinary placements abroad and veterinary student scholarship opportunities. So go ahead, don't miss out and give us a like on Facebook, follow on Instagram (@ivsa.rvc) or drop us an email at You can find more IVSA global information here:

IVSA love!

Chantelle and Laura xoxo