Upcoming Events & Projects

Our First Social- 17th October 2018

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IVSA RVC Group Exchange 2018-2019

Following the success of RVC's group exchanges in 2017-2018, we will be participating in 3 brand new group exchanges this year! This will enable 30 RVC students to spend one week away in one of 3 possible countries, and in turn RVC will be hosting 30 IVSA students - 10 students from each participating vet school/country. 

RVC's hosting week will be: 28th January - 6th February 2019.

RVC's away weeks will be: 
IVSA Brno, Czech Republic (& Prague): 9th - 16th February 2019 - £220pp
IVSA Lyon, France: 8th - 15th April 2019 - £220pp
IVSA Pretoria, South Africa: 1st - 10th July 2019 - £290pp*


*NB: IVSA Group Exchange to South Africa is for a longer duration than a typical IVSA Group Exchange. The group exchange fee reflects this.

IVSA Group Exchange Fee

What does the group exchange fee cover? 
A stellar itinerary both with RVC and away on your group exchange trip inclusive of: all meals, airport transfers - AKA the RVC SU minibus, local transport (trains, buses and suchlike), accommodation and the cost of activities - basically 2 weeks of fun!

What does the group exchange fee NOT cover?
Return flights to your group exchange country, travel/medical insurance, vaccinations, visas, check-in luggage, drinks, souvenirs and/or any extras of your choosing. Be aware that often there is one or two afternoons prepared for free-time, this is when you can go on your own accord to explore or relax in the city/country and as such you may need to budget for one or two lunches on the go.