Upcoming Events & Projects

Our First Social- 17th October 2018

Click on our facebook event link to find out more: https://www.facebook.com/events/314523079341491/

A great first event with an amazing turn out of nearly 40 of you! Thank you for coming, we will see you at the next one...

IVSA RVC Group Exchange 2018-2019

Following the success of RVC's group exchanges in 2017-2018, we will be participating in 3 brand new group exchanges this year! This will enable 30 RVC students to spend one week away in one of 3 possible countries, and in turn RVC will be hosting 30 IVSA students - 10 students from each participating vet school/country. 

RVC's hosting week will be: 28th January - 6th February 2019.

RVC's away weeks will be: 
IVSA Brno, Czech Republic (& Prague): 9th - 16th February 2019 - £220pp

IVSA Lyon, France: 8th - 15th April 2019 - £220pp

IVSA South Africa: 1st - 10th July 2019 - £290pp*

*NB: IVSA Group Exchange to South Africa is for a longer duration than a typical IVSA Group Exchange. The group exchange fee reflects this.


IVSA RVC Group Exchange 2019-2020

This year we will be hosting IVSA Bern, Switzerland and IVSA Thailand from February the 3rd till the 12th.

We will be visiting IVSA Bern, Switzerland in 13th- 20th of April, and IVSA Thailand June 19th-30th 2020.

IVSA Group Exchange Fee

What does the group exchange fee cover? 
A stellar itinerary both with RVC and away on your group exchange trip inclusive of: all meals, airport transfers - AKA the RVC SU minibus, local transport (trains, buses and suchlike), accommodation and the cost of activities - basically 2 weeks of fun!

What does the group exchange fee NOT cover?
Return flights to your group exchange country, travel/medical insurance, vaccinations, visas, check-in luggage, drinks, souvenirs and/or any extras of your choosing. Be aware that often there is one or two afternoons prepared for free-time, this is when you can go on your own accord to explore or relax in the city/country and as such you may need to budget for one or two lunches on the go.


If you are wondering how it's all organised.... It is all down to our amazing Organising Committee! Here is our organising committee of 2018-2019: