Our duty as a Students’ Union is to support and protect our students. We feel that the College has failed their duty of care to protect the students affected, as their statement has given credence to the negative response from a minority group online, who now feel emboldened to target individual students with personal threats. Furthermore, we are disappointed that in the College’s rushed statement, they have clearly prioritised their reputation over their own students’ wellbeing, which has both offended and alienated a proportion of our student body.


This calendar was part of a long standing tradition by final year students to raise support and awareness for charity. We don’t feel this charity calendar was different to ones produced in previous years or by other organisations. We realise some of the images in this charity calendar have upset some individuals, but we feel the response has been disproportionate, inappropriate and unjustified.

We are horrified and appalled by the severity of personal attacks and harassment our students have received from these online communities, simply for being associated with the calendar.


We endeavour to protect any students who may have been affected by this. Please contact us ( if you feel you or any other students need support.