VP Treasurer


Club and Society Treasurer’s Guide


Treasurers are required to oversee any payment coming in and out of their club’s account. This guide has been put together to advise you of how to do this effectively and may be referred to at any time. The relevant forms may be found on the SU website under Your SU à SU documents à SU treasury documents.



Any money coming OUT of the account is a debit, and requires a debit form to be filled out and signed by the club treasurer. A receipt/proof of payment is also required otherwise payment may not be authorised. All transactions are overseen by the RVCSU VP Treasurer; debit forms and receipts should be sent to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk.


Petrol claim

If claiming for petrol, a debit form and a petrol claim form must be filled out. Please also provide an image of the route, detailing the number of miles driven, or alternatively a receipt e.g. if you have used the minibuses and refilled the petrol tank. Email both to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk.


Referee/coach payments

If you need to pay a coach/referee, please fill in a referee form and a debit form and send both to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk.  



Where possible, please request invoices from companies, rather than using personal funds to make purchases. Invoices, or pro-forma invoices for urgent payments, may be requested by email or phone. You will need to provide the company with the RVCSU billing address:

RVCSU Club/Soc name

Hawkshead House,

Hawkshead Lane,



Please ensure you quote the club/soc name.


Once a company has filled out the invoice, email this, with a completed debit form to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk.


Card payments

You may not be able to request an invoice for certain payments. Thus, where possible, please contact Willow Gibson and Hayley Wighton to process card payments for you during office hours, rather than using your personal funds:

Before you arrange a meeting with Willow Gibson, SU Finance and Shop Manager, make sure that you have authorisation from Hayley Wighton, RVCSU VP Treasurer. Without the SU Treasurer’s authorisation, Willow is not able to process the payment.

As the SU is a charity, it is preferable that all payments leave the SU accounts directly. More importantly, the SU team does not want any member of clubs and socs to feel financially stressed due to delayed reimbursement.

The SU appreciates that in certain circumstances this process may not be feasible, and personal funds must be used. In this case, please provide a debit form and receipt to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk so you may be reimbursed promptly.


In summary, for online debits the following methods of payment are ordered from most preferable, to least preferable:

Invoice > card payments from SU cards > personal funds






Any money coming IN to the account is a credit. For this, a credit form must be completed and sent to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk.


Cash credits

For any cash drop-offs e.g. fundraising cash, a credit form and a credit drop-off form must be completed and sent to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk. Cash must be handed in to the SU office to either Dave Sherlock-Jones, SU General Manager, Willow Gibson, SU Finance and Shop Manager or Fuchsia Stocker, SU Finance Assistant, during office hours.





If you have secured a sponsorship, the sponsor will normally require you to invoice them. Please email the RVCSU VP Treasurer (sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk) with a description of the sponsorship, the billing address for the sponsor and the email address of the contact. The VP Treasurer will create an invoice and send this to the sponsor and the SU Team (Willow Gibson and Fuchsia Stocker), and once this has been credited to the account, will inform you of your new account balance.



Subs are processed through the RVCSU website and are credited to accounts on a monthly basis. When subs are paid, the VP Treasurer will email you to inform you of your new account balance.


Emergency grants

If you require additional funding following your grant allocation, you may fill out an emergency grant request form and send this to sutreasurer@rvc.ac.uk. This will be assessed by the RVCSU VP Treasurer and may, or may not be approved.