VP Welfare


Why is Student Welfare important? 

Here at RVCSU we care about our students. We want to make sure that every student feels safe and happy in their university environment. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to talk about their problems and to have access to any help they need. This is why we have a Vice President for Welfare. The SU are here for you, we’ve got your back! 


What have we done? 

* Created an Equality and Diversity Officer role 

* Donated clothes to the homeless of Camden 

* Ran a sponsored sleep out in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust who work assist the homeless within the LGBT+ community 

* Ran Puppy Parties to relieve stress around exam time 

* Made Blue Monday, known to be the most depressing day of the year, a little brighter by offering free sweets and a nice cup of tea! 

* Supported Random Acts Kindness Week to encourage students to do something nice for each other! 

* Given out free fruit and veg to promote healthy living 


Have your say 

Are there any events that you would like to see the VP Welfare to organise? Do you have any ideas of how we can improve? Send me an email! 

* suwelfare@rvc.ac.uk 


Need help?

* Advice centre advice@rvc.ac.uk 

* VP Welfare suwelfare@rvc.ac.uk 

* VetLife 0303 040 2551 

* London Nightline 020 7631 0101 

* Samaritans 020 8889 6888