The sun is shining ??, lockdown is easing ?? and the pubs are open ??

The only thing missing is another Strava competition!


But fear not, the RVCSU has you covered! 


Throughout May (3rd-30th), instead of the normal Camden vs Hawkshead (cos most of you probably feel more allegiance to your bedroom at the moment), we are organising possibly the world's biggest Strava competition where we will not only compete against all the UK's Vet unis but also the UK's medical unis. This will truly be the ultimate event and hopefully the last Strava competition before we can meet them face to face back on the pitches


This is open to all courses at the RVC and we need the numbers as we'll be up against human medics, human nurses, biomed students among others! 


If you want to get involved in this month of medic bashing all you have to do is:


1) Download Strava


2) Join the Clubs 'RVC Doctors vs Dogtors CyclingAND 'RVC Doctors vs Dogtors Running'

3) Run, Walk and Cycle to prove that we're not just the best in the world at animal sciences!

  • Please record your walks as runs so they get counted towards the totals

4) Follow the weekly score updates and general medic teasing on the event's Facebook page: (10) Dogtors vs Doctors 2021 | Facebook


5) Join us for an end of varsity social where we'll announce the winners and have an opportunity to mingle with the other unis.


Strava Safety warning:
Please review your privacy settings on Strava and try to avoid starting and finishing at your house. Otherwise I can easily work out where you live...and if I can do that, anyone else can.


Looking forward to have you join us for a bit of medic bashing!