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Welcome to the RVCSU website! Here you will find everything we have to offer- from Sports and Societies to the Shop- it's all on here!

As an RVC student your normal RVC login will get you all the access you need, but don't worry if you don't have a RVC account as you can still access our events and shop via a guest account! Everything we do here is done by students for students- except for our lovely full time staff that is! 

So if you ever need us please do get in touch by email or in person!

What's On

Post-Lockdown Glow Up
14th May - 25th June
BCVA Panel Discussion - How to Make the Most out of EMS?
6th July
Join the BCVA students-only interactive sessions to learn more about common farm conditions!
Royal Canin Webinar: Start of Life- Puppies
15th July
Join us for a chat about start of life nutrition!
Royal Canin Webinar: Are Specific Breed Diets a Gimmick?
19th August
Join us for a chat about specific breed diets!
Royal Canin Webinar: Supporting Pets with Chronic Kidney Disease
30th September
Join us for a chat about supporting pets with chronic kidney disease!
Royal Canin Webinar: Senior Pets
21st October
Join us for a chat about senior pets!
Royal Canin Webinar: Nutritional Solutions for Common GI Issues
9th November
Join us for a chat on nutritional solutions for common GI issues!
Royal Canin Webinar: Nutrition for Pets with Urinary issues
9th December
Join us for a chat about pets with urinary issues!