SU RAG covers all the Students’ Union charity fundraising activity; we are all about having fun and raising money for charitable causes! 

The elected SU RAG officer leads a student RAG committee and aims to involve RVC students through our events and activities to raise money for official RAG nominated charities. 

Want to join our RAG committee? Email to find out more.


The 2023/2024 RAG nominated charities are Street Vet, Mind and RSPCA.  

You can also fundraise for the RVC’s charity The Animal Care Trust (ACT)

Student Groups (Societies & Clubs) can also fundraise for their ‘adopted’ charities as well as their own club/soc, and RAG is here to support affiliated Student Groups to run their own fundraising events. RVCSU is a UK registered charity and is subject to charity law, which our student groups also fall into. Because of this, all charity fundraising that our Student Groups do MUST come through RAG and not through personal bank accounts OR individual groups subs or grants accounts. 

All fundraising events (including fundrasising solely for your club/soc) must be approved by SU RAG via the submission of an RAG Fundraising Checklist Please give us as much notice as possible- ideally 10 working days minimum. We need to approve your fundraising events and activities before they can be advertised (this includes advertising on your own Club/Soc social Media accounts).

How do RVCSU Clubs & Societies Adopt a Charity? 

Fundraising Solely for Your Club/Society?

Bake 'Sales'


If you are fundraising for your SU clubs and societies ACT will match any funds you raise. 

Information about the ACT matched funding for RVCSU Clubs and Societies can be found here: 


How can we collect money? 


Card Donations 


JustGiving Page or Group donation page 


If you have any questions email 


Instagram @rvcsurag