There are two types of club or society affiliation:

  • Funded - We allow 2 funded clubs to become affiliated with the SU every year.
  • Unfunded - We allow 4 unfunded clubs to become affiliated with the SU every year

 To be considered for affiliation, the club or society shall lay before Students’ Union Council an acceptable Constitution, a plan of activities and fees and a list of at least 15 prospective members. Your club or society may not become affiliated if its objectives conflict with those of the union (see Constitution). Unfunded clubs are able to apply to become funded in the following year if they wish.


General Info:

No club or society may receive funds from the Union or use Union facilities without recognition in each academic year by Students’ Union Council.

2.5  Any club or society that wishes to be recognised by the Union shall present to the committee:

a)      A list of 15 signatures of full members

b)      The proposed membership fee

c)      A proposal for funds (If funded)

c)     Constitution including:

  • The name of the club/society
  • The aims and objects of the club (which shall not be contrary to those of the Union)
  • The regulations relating to membership eligibility
  • The provision for the election of a committee to include a President/Captain, a Secretary and a Treasurer
  • The responsibilities of each committee member
  • The provision for general meetings for all members of the club or society
  • The provision for an Annual General Meeting at which an income and expenditure account shall be presented and approved
  • A statement clearly demonstrating the club/ society’s compliance with the  Union policy on equal opportunities

A template for the constitution can be found in our SU Documents area

Please forward the application together with the constitution template to the SU Treasurer ( and the VP Activities and Campaigns (


How to get funds:

The Union Executive Committee shall earmark a sum in the Union budget which shall be for grant aid of recognised clubs and societies. To receive funding an eligible club / society shall submit a budget proposal to the Treasurer by the end of July of the preceding academic year. The Treasurer shall meet with the executive committee and allocate the funds. Allocations will be made on the basis of the level of activity in the club/society and special equipment and travel considerations. A contingency fund shall be set aside, the value of which shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

  • The allocations shall be approved at the first meeting of Students’ Union Council of the new academic year.
  • Any request for expenditure must be approved by the Treasurer and President and paid by cheque or direct debit.
  • The grant money is not allowed to be used to pay for alcohol or food, with the exception of food when entertaining visiting teams.


Sub Payments:

From 1st Aug 2017 all subs payments must be purchased through the SU Website. Please visit your club's or society's SU web page on


The SU doesn't accept cash or BACS payments for subs.