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LULS Student Representative Social Media + Event Management (2 Jobs)

LUSL Student Rep Programme- Applications Open!

LUSL Student Reps play a vital role in helping to shape key areas of the programme, including our events calendar and our marketing and social media platforms.

The team help to promote LUSL within the London Region and contribute to the strategic direction of the programme, whilst gaining vital experience within either Marketing and Social Media or Event Management. To apply, please send your CV, and the completed Application form to lusl@bucs.org.uk by 23:59 on Thursday 30 September.

More information on both the roles below or via the information on the Instagram page (@luslsport).

LUSL - Marketing and Social Media (Student Representative) (https://www.bucs.org.uk/jobs-listing/lusl-marketing-and-social-media-student-representative.html)

The LUSL Student Representative – Event Management role is to serve as a member of the LUSL Management Group representing the views of the students within the London Region. It allows students a formal role in improving and assuring the quality of the LUSL Programme whilst gaining valuable experience within the sports Sector. Additionally, this role has a primary focus on Marketing and Social Media Management where you will assist and lead on the running of various marketing and social media campaigns across the LUSL channels. This role will provide you with the introductory skills and insight into a role in marketing and social media, allowing you to get creative and take ownership of a variety of projects.

LUSL - Event Management (Student Representative) (https://www.bucs.org.uk/jobs-listing/lusl-event-management-student-representative.html)