VP Representation & Communication

Hi there! My name is Stephanie-Rae, and I am a third year VetMed student having come via Gateway. I worked as a Course Rep in my VetMed1 year and I really enjoyed the role! I'm passionate about listening to what people have to say and being able to interact with the right people to make positive changes with students in mind. As we are quite a small university, I think we should make the most of our ability to communicate and work closely with staff and specialist services - not only does it make RVC a better place for us, but for future students and staff too! In the meantime, if you think representing your year group and getting to socialise with like-minded people (as well as other food/drink/trip related perks) is your thing, why not apply during elections in October? If you want any more information, just drop me an email! Get involved, and watch this space for more updates!