Like real elections, we strive to make sure our elections are run fairly, without issues and without any election fraud. Here are the steps we take to make sure this can happen.


The MSL Elections module offers a secure, robust and flexible voting system suitable for all elections and referenda. MSL Elections validates voter ID and ensures multiple votes cannot be cast by a student.


What an Election Admin CAN do

  • Change election dates/times
  • Change election visibility settings
  • Add and remove posts
  • Add, withdraw and disqualify candidates
  • View voting stats (demographics)
  • View voting reports

What an Election Admin CANNOT do

  • Edit post requirements (requires access to Groups in your Admin Website)
  • Count an election (requires Election Count Application)

What NO admin can do

  • See the vote of an individual voter
  • View in progress real time standings and votes
  • Insert, edit or remove votes

List of Administrators

- Priya Toor  (VP Representation and Communications)

- Jack Conway (Website and Social Media Manager)

- Willow Gibson (Shop and Finance Manager)

- Dave Sherlock-Jones (SU General Manager)

- MSL (Our Website Provider)


Any questions or concerns about this please contact or use our contact us form.