What’s the SU all about?

We are YOUR Student's Union, here for YOU. We do 3 main things:

  1. Represent students’ interests both within college and outside.
  2. Enrich college life, and your time at RVC, by organising social activites and funding clubs and societies.
  3. Provide support for YOU.

How do we work?

The SU is divided into two parts; the elected council committee and the non-elected council committee. The elected council is made up of people who were voted into their positions (by the student body) whilst the ‘non-elected’ is made up of people such as the Website team and Bar Managers, etc! 

How do I get involved?

If there's something you think we should be doing already but aren't (e.g a baking society/campaigning the college for longer holidays) get in touch! PLUS as a student at the RVC you are able to run for any position in the Student Union. Elections are held every year, and the positions run from August-July. There is also the opportunity to be a Year Rep, and help the SU keep on top of what students want from the RVC; these are voted in by their year during the first few weeks of first term.