At RVCSU, we are not experts on Israel and Palestine, and we do not imagine we have the answers to this ongoing humanitarian crisis. We know that violence in Israel and Palestine means a higher risk of antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Palestinian and anti-Israeli incidents in the UK. What we can all do is support each other, stand firm in tackling hate-speech and abuse, and act with compassion and sensitivity.


What can we all do?

Bystander Intervention

If it is safe to do so and you feel able to, you can consider if an intervention is appropriate. Options for bystander intervention include: 

Direct intervention: e.g. tell someone their speech is harmful or take someone aside for a conversation 

Distract: e.g. create a bit of space in the situation that allows someone to exit 

Delegate: e.g. approach someone senior in your SU or at an event and ask them to intervene

Document what’s happening: e.g. take a note of what is being said/done and by whom


Responding to hate speech, discrimination, hate crimes, and abuse

Approach the victim

Approach the target of the abuse. Ask if they are OK. Ask if you can help - for example accompanying them as they leave a harmful situation and staying with them until a friend gets there. Find a safe place for them to sit down. Help them report the incident.

Report it

Reporting discriminatory incidents, hate crimes, and hate speech is incredibly important even if nothing can be done about a specific incident or it has already been dealt with informally.



RVCSU is here for all students. Please reach out to us if you have concerns about any of the issues above.
SU Equality & Diversity Officer:
SU Welfare Officer:

The Advice Centre:
Report & Support: (can be completed anonymously)


External Support

Muslim Council of Britain website:

Federation of Student Islamic Societies website:

Union of Jewish Students website:


The Union of Jewish Students have opened a Welfare Hotline for students on 02074243288