RVCSU Officer Elections 2021 - RESULTS


A huge thank you to everybody who voted in this year's elections. Every vote truly did count as some of the positions were very close! 


The results are as follows:

SU President - Sam Fenton

VP Representation & Communications - Danielle Golds

VP Activities - Matty Clarkson

VP Treasurer - Chantelle Woodward-Iles

VP Welfare - Hasita Dodhia

VP Camden Officer - Priya Toor

Undergraduate Sciences Officer - Eleanor Irvine

Post Graduate Officers - Gareth Jones & Victoria Lindsay

Veterinary Nursing Liaison Officer - Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N)

Equality & Diversity Officer - Anantha Kumarvel 

International Officer - Gigi de Fort-Menares Lee

Entertainment Officer - Sebastian Miller

Environment Officer - Ester Rodriguez Riley

Raising & Giving Officer - Katherine Strathdee

IVSA Representative - Elizabeth Pilar Brooks

AVS Junior Representative - Harry George


Congratulations to all of our newly elected officers! A by-election will be held for the vacant position of Veterinary Nursing Liaison Officer next term.

If you would like to know the breakdown of votes for any of the positions, then please email myself at surepcomms@rvc.ac.uk.


Kind Regards,

Georgia (VP Rep Comms)