RVCSU Officer Elections 2022 No elections are currently running


Please see below the results of the RVCSU Officer Election and By-Election for 2022:


President - Legend Thurman

VP Representation and Communications - Priya Toor

VP Activities & Campaigns - Lauren Crayton

VP Treasurer - Chantelle Woodward-Iles

VP Welfare - Rhian Hill

VP Camden - Dana Yun

Post Graduate Officer - Gareth Jones and Kan Tang

Equality and Diversity Officer - Summer-Leighton Kennedy

Environment Officer - James Roe

International Officer: Allyson Pace

AVS Junior Representative: Matteo Guglielmi

Veterinary Nursing Liaison Officer: Flora Foxx

Undergraduate Sciences Officer: Caoimhe Abdul-Wahab and Victoria Body

Raising and Giving (RAG) Officer: Emma Wyles

Congratulations to all of those who have been successfully elected!