Equipment list for Nursing


  • Embroidered green striped tunic
  • Bottle green trousers (green striped dress is also permitted).
  • Labcoat - Please go to 'Clothing'

All other items nursing students may need for placements can be found under Accessories.


How to order Nursing Trousers and Tunics Embroidered with the RVC logo and your name


If you wish to check the sizes, you can visit us in the SU Shop Hawkshead within the opening hours.

Embroidered items will be not exchanged or refunded.


OPTION 1: Get your order delivered to the RVCSU SHOP, Hawkshead - free postage

All students are emailed when the orders are ready for collection.


OPTION 2: Get your order delivered to your HOME ADDRESS - Postage £3.99/parcel


If you have any issues with the system, please contact the SU Fiance and Shop Manager