If you'd like to place a new order for a stethoscope, please read the below carefully.


Stethoscopes are required from the start of First Year for all veterinary students. 

Nursing students may also find it useful to have their own for some placements.


Littmann stethoscopes


We currently have voucher codes for the following stethoscopes. It is important these codes are not shared outside of the RVC or we will lose this privilege. Visit www.medisave.co.uk/search/Stethoscope 


  • Classic III's Standard Editions: SUS-C3
  • Master Cardiology: SUS-MC
  • Classic III's Special Editions: SUS-C3-SPECIAL
  • Cardiology IV Standard: SUS-C4
  • Cardiology IV Special Editions: SUS-C4-SPECIAL 


You do not need a specialist stethoscope and the classic edition is all you need. The choice is yours. The Littmann Classic tends to be the most popular amongst students starting clinical years - in terms of quality, durability and affordability it's good as a mid-range stethoscope. People also like that you can get a range of colours of tubing and chest-pieces for personalisation.

The cardiology stethoscopes do have clearer quality for hearing heart sounds, and  if you feel as though it would be worth investing in one now then you can, but you can still hear well with the Littmann Classic.

For those with hearing impairment there are several digital stethoscopes available on the market, or stethoscopes with amplification adaptors. It is worth researching thoroughly to find one which suits your hearing needs best. 

Please click on www.medisave.co.uk or https://www.medisave.co.uk/search/Stethoscope choose your stethoscope, create an account and use discount code at checkout (on the top right hand size (eg SUS-C for the Classic standard) 

We highly recommend that you get your stethoscope engraved with your name or mark it with something bright or a dog tag so that you recognise it. It’s an easy item to misplace so this is very important!