AST Covid Testing

While the AST being offered by the college in partnership with the University of London is voluntary, it is the SU and my personal position that we would strongly encourage student take up this provision. AST is designed to attempt to minimise the spread of COVID-19 with the return home of university students. This level of mass movement is unfortunately one of the ways the virus has continued to spread between communities, and while not foolproof, AST has the potential to help mitigate this risk.

  1. Do the tests
  2. It’s different for Camden and HH (Camden tested at UoL and HH self-tests have been distributed)
  3. Only for students with on-campus courses and they have been messaged individually with their info
  4. Report the test results
  5. If you are positive, report to immediately
  6. Don’t become complacent – a negative LFT result doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be remaining vigilant. Hands, face, space as relevant as ever

For more info please visit:


So please, engage with the testing schemes, and lets continue to fight against COVID-19. Remember, even one test is better than no tests.