This working group has been set up by the current and incoming E&D Officers (2019-21) to ensure that the Racial Equality Task Group (RETG) being set up in conjunction with the College, has student opinion at the forefront of its action plan. We believe that this working group will help us in doing that. The RETG will be chaired by Professor Dan Chan and will formally report into the Equality and Diversity Committee, chaired by Dr Christine Thuranira-McKeeve.

This group, along with the results of the recent Evaluation of Equality and Diversity Survey, will continue to allow the current and incoming SU officers to work together to ensure that a dedicated, long-term action plan to tackle discrimination within the College is formed and achieved.

The objectives of this working group are as follows:

· For students to bring their ideas and opinions on what the RETG should be addressing in its immediate future.

· To collate and discuss the key areas of discrimination students are facing within their RVC experience.

· To review the steps that are being taken by the RETG.

· To gain an insight as to how to best represent students in the future E&D committee. Once the E&D committee is formed, this working group shall cease to be used.

Meeting structure:

· Meetings will be held every two weeks, lasting a maximum of 2 hours.

· An email will be sent out prior to the meeting to ask for discussion points.

· The completed agenda will then be circulated to all members of the working group prior to the meeting.

· Meeting minutes will be taken for future reference and shall be published on the RVCSU website. A link to view these minutes will be published in the SU weekly update.

· Meetings will be chaired by the SU E&D Officer (Hasita Dodhia 2019-20).

· The Vice Chair will be Olivia Craddock (SU E&D Officer 2020-21).

The issues and ideas that arise during these meetings will be relayed to the Racial Equality Task Group. This group aims to make key changes in the way acts of discrimination are dealt with by the SU and the College. A formal long-term E&D committee will be set up in the coming months.

Group members:

· Hasita Dodhia

· Olivia Craddock

· Sarah Fray

· Kamila Karimjee

· Shiv Patil

· Revd. Andy Marshall

· Jessica Tang

· Tzarina Tuen-Matthews

· 1 member of Animal Aspirations (Lavina Economu / Stephanie Stapleton / Emmanuel Oloyede-Oyeyemi)

· Gianpaul Lui

· Anantha Kumarvel


Meeting Minutes:

26th June 2020 Meeting