Student American Veterinary Medicine Association (SAVMA)

RVC SAVMA is a society dedicated to fostering community and collaboration among American, British, and other international students. Our chapter hosts multiple events throughout the year including wet labs, seminars, and well-being get-togethers throughout the year. Our members can also apply for grants to fund external costs that are incurred due to AHEMS and EMS throughout their time at the RVC as well as conference travel. As a member, you also have access to all the resources and opportunities provided by National SAVMA, can sign up for professional liability insurance, and travel to conferences such as SAVMA Symposium and the AVMA Convention. We may have America in our name but we are here for all students!


Want to join? You can join us by choosing to become a SAVMA member during your enrollment at not extra cost!

Want to hear from us? We contact students through university-wide emails each month, so keep an eye out for our newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

Want to contact us? Feel free to contact us by email at or individually using one of the emails below!


President Tess Staley
President-Elect Legend Thurman
Secretary Georgie Hopkins
Treasurer Sara Ketchum
PLIT Liaison Alyssa Knight
Communications Representative Thora Sui
Hawkshead Senior Rep. Griselle Martinez
Hawkshead Junior Rep. Sarah Lewis
Camden Rep. Elizabeth Brooks
Senior Delegate Victoria Pyne Mercier





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Dr. Chavent contact info: email: cell: (224) 213-4155

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