Freshers 2020 Cook Along

Freshers 2020 Cook Along

Freshers 2020 Cook Along

Sun 27 September 2020 19:30-20:30


Join us and our pro chef in this Freshers Cookalong. Cook in your flats or on your own!

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Spicy Asian Noods

Serves 2-3




Chopping board

Frying pan/wok

Wooden spoon

Kettle for boiling water

Small bowl to mix egg

Large bowl to soak rice noodles



Oil, 1tbsp i prefer a mix of sesame + olive for this but use your preffered oil

Rice noodles, 200-300g but don't worry about being too precise 

Chicken/Prawns/Tofu, 200g bitesize pieces

Eggs, 2

Pak choi or any asian spring greens, 2 small heads, finely shredded

Broccoli, 1/2 head bitesize pieces + whole stem finely sliced

Pepper any colour, 1 finely sliced

Ginger & garlic paste, 1tsp


For the flavourings

Chilli garlic sauce, 1tbsp 

Chilli bean sauce, 1tbsp (optional if able to find)

Light soy sauce, 1tbsp

Sugar, 1-2tsp dependant on taste 

Curry powder, 1tbsp

Chilli flakes or powder, 1tsp 


For the garnish

Spring onions, 2-3, finely sliced

Coriander, handful 

Lime, 1/4 segment

Sesame seeds, enough to sprinkle at end