RVC FAVS Symposium 2020

RVC FAVS Symposium 2020

RVC FAVS Symposium 2020

Sat 11 January 2020 09:00-17:00

RVC Hawkshead Campus, Hawkshead Ln, Brookmans Park, Hatfield, AL9 7TA

Tickets for this year’s FAVS Symposium are on sale now! There is a limited amount of tickets available so get yours now before they SELL OUT! We are excited to be hosting:
· Beth Reilly from Synergy Farm Health
· James Russell from the BVA
· Rob Hall from LLM Farm Vets
· Tim Potter from Westpoint Farm Vets

Talks include:
· Farm practice as a new grad: How to cope when you haven’t got a clue! - Beth Reilly
· Car Stock - The Essentials, What You Need and Why - Rob Hall
· Youngstock Health - Handy Hints and Tips - Tim Potter
· TB - James Russell

Practicals include:
· Embryo Scanning
· And a mystery activity!

The price of your ticket includes free access to the lectures and practicals, a free Subway lunch, amazing networking opportunities and the opportunity to enter our raffle!


After purchasing your ticket please complete the following Google form. https://forms.gle/n7KGimL8JvLpvxNf7

If you have any questions, please contact Olivia Craddock or another member of the FAVS committee.

We would like to thank our sponsors: CVS Farm, Embryonics, Monmark, ProStock Vets, Vetlink and VetPartners for their support in helping us host this event.