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  2. You will also need a Pay Pal account, as this will help make things easier at check-out
  3. Read and follow the order instructions below and place your order by 5pm 21st September (any orders after this date may not be ready for collection 28th/29th September)
  4. When at 'Check out', please select 'collect from Camden', not the postage option. 
  5. Please keep an eye out on our SU social media pages for updates and information as well  https://www.facebook.com/rvcsushop and Instagram @RVCSUShop
  6. Any questions that are not answered in the text below, please email sushop@rvc.ac.uk 



Please also read all the information on this page carefully


Equipment List by Course


Information on costs per course are broad estimates to help you with budgeting.



BVetMed including Accelerated GAB & Gateway students


We suggest you budget £150-£200

With the Freshers bundle discount, you will save £15.00 (on sale below) 


Large Animals


  • Boiler suit

The college now requires all veterinary students to wear green, embroidered boiler suits. These are custom-order and therefore non-returnable, so you must follow the size guide that will be provided soon. We advise to size up with these, as you will need to wear layers over the colder months. Although most of you will not need these until January, you must order by the deadline to allow our supplier time to process and deliver the orders.  Late orders will mean you may not have the correct equipment for Spring Term classes. Having two of these is sensible – they will get messy.


Step one:  Choose your leg length








Regular (R)

Tall (T)






Step two: Choose your chest size (unisex sizing, you will need room for layers under your boiler)
















  • The sizes of our boiler suits (coveralls) are in inches. Example, if you were a size small clothing size, you might be best to choose 36R (this is the smallest size available).  Keep in mind, you will be wearing this all seasons (winter included), so you might be best to go a size up so you can wear layers.  Please give the best estimate of size when purchasing and we will verify this for you during welcome week (most probably w/c 28th September but this is subject to change). More details on this to follow.
  • Unfortunately, you will not be able to try on for size, so please measure yourself carefully. If you have any special requirements for fit, please email sushop@rvc.ac.uk


  • Waterproof parlour trousers and top

Parlour wear is required for practical classes and farm placements. The pro-dri breathable parlour tops and flexothane waterproofs have slightly different colours and made of different material. Please see the size guide provided for these as well. Please choose your size very carefully, as they cannot be exchanged. 




ALSO NEEDED (not on sale here)


  • Steel-toe cap wellies

Steel toe wellies are recommended for large animal practicals and your AHEMS farm placements. They are also required for some exams. We are not selling these on our SU website and ask you to purchase them yourself and bring them to campus with you. 


Small Animals and Lab Classes


  • 2 Howie Lab coats

The university has recently brought in new health and safety regulations that require all new students to wear Howie lab coats rather than the traditional style.  You will need these for your practical classes in weeks one and two of your first term  and will not be allowed to take part in these vital classes without one!  You will need two; one for messy dissections as it will get stained. You will need another for histology practicals and examinations.


  • Stethoscopes

You will be required to have your own stethoscope. Please visit our stethoscope page for more information https://www.rvcsu.org.uk/shop/stethoscopes/ 



BVetMed Order collection


Boiler suit will be ready for collecting from the Camden Campus from in early December, most probably from our activity Studio (next to our SU office). More information will be sent out closer to the time. 


For the Freshers bundle discount you will need to add ALL of the below: 

2X Freshers Embroidered Boiler suits

2X Lab coats

1X Parlour top

1X Parlour trousers





Also available for purchase (recommended for placement), pack of 3 available with discount.



Biological/Bioveterinary Sciences students


We suggest you budget £17.00


  • 1 Howie Lab coat for lab classes 



BioSci/BioVet Order collection

We will contact you before the end of term one, about where to collect your order in term two. It will probably be from our Activity Studio, on our Camden Campus in January 2021.


Vet Nurses


You will need a uniform for placements as well as taster sessions in the university hospital during the first term. We also stock equipment you will need for practical classes and placements.  All tunics will come embroidered; as such are custom order and therefore non-returnable.  A pre-order product will be available to purchase on our website and information regarding a date for fitting will be provided once you arrive.


We suggest you budget £150-£180


  • Nursing tunic 

These come embroidered with the RVC logo.  We suggest you have 3 to allow for spares and washing when you are wearing them every day on placements.

  • Bottle-green trousers. We suggest 2-3 pairs 


The following items are recommended (Find these on the SU Website soon)


Vet nurses Order collection

Embroidered items will be ready for collection latest in December 2020 or January 2021 at the latest (an email will be sent out).

Please ensure you follow the instructions on the size guide link (above) and make your purchase (below) by 18th September . If you fail to make in by this date, you might not be able to collect your gear in in time for when your placements start.


Vet Nurse Products pre-order


  1. Fill in the size guide link provided by our supplier Grahame Gardiner
  2. Make your purchase via the SU website



  • We are unable to fit you for your Embroidered tunics and trousers this year, due to the current situation.
  • Please click on the link below (provided by our supplier, Graham Gardiner), look at the size guide there and then make your selection https://www.grahamegardner.co.uk/fitting-form-rvc 
  • We recommend that you size up if you are unsure, as we are unable to exchange the items once purchased. You will need room to move when bending down on your practicals
  • Any questions please email SUshop@rvc.ac.uk 



Willow Gibson

Students’ Union Finance and Shop Manager




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