Hi!  I'm Vanessa and I'm the Representation and Communications Officer this year. 

I regularly liaise with different RVC committees and boards to discuss any current issues in each course, and the student side perspective to any changes that come about from within the university.

Whether this be regarding Student Engagement, College services, or Student Policy, my priority is to make sure your opinions and perspectives are heard.

On top of this, I make sure that freshers know that there is a support system available in place at the RVC with talks held at the beginning of the school year. I also mainly overlook the course-rep program which some of you may be familiar with. Here, I mainly work closely with Maxine Bailey to organize the course-rep program, running inductions, and talks, as well as regular "keep in touch" sessions. 

Furthermore, I also help to run elections! This is mostly about our Course rep elections, the SAVMA elections, and the most exciting - the RVCSU elections which are held yearly.

All of this can't be done without the amazing support of the RVCSU team! If you have any queries or want to just have a chat - please feel free to drop me an email at surepcomms@rvc.ac.uk OR I'm regularly at the Hawkshead SU office too!