Hey Everyone! My name is Chantelle and I'll be your Vice President Treasurer this year. I am in 4th year and an Ex-gateway student who's taken the scenic route as this is my 6th year at RVC. In my spare time I like to spend it with my pet cow Ariel- she is a Swedish Red and I have had her since she was born. I also love gardening and have a large allotment where I have a variety of vegetables and fruit trees that keep be going throughout the year.  


I will be the first port of call for club and society treasurers and will most likely be chasing you to make sure you fill out treasury paperwork completely and provide necessary receipts/invoices. Also, as VP Treasurer I will represent the Students’ Union and the student voice at the college’s Finance and General Purpose Committee meetings. In the past I have sat on the SU as the IVSA representative for 2 years which was an incredible experience and spurred my love for travelling and international veterinary care. 


Please feel free to come and say hi when you see me around campus with my little dog Kiwi or working on reception in the QMH. I look forward to meeting you all soon