Environmental Sustainability Strategy

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The aim of the ESS is to embed environmental sustainability in decision making throughout the College and promote sustainability across the wider veterinary community.

Implementation will be led by the Environmental Sustainability Committee which is made up of representative from across the College. There will also be plenty of opportunities for students to get involved to make a positive environmental impact.

To read the full text, pleast visit: https://www.rvc.ac.uk/Media/Default/About/ES/Environmental_Sustainability_Strategy_2019-21.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ES%20-%20Monthly%20Update%20October&utm_content=ES%20-%20Monthly%20Update%20October+Preview+CID_eee2067cf26b0741009df38ef22eb5ab&utm_source=Marketing%20CM%20email&utm_term=View%20online


Any enquiries: suenvironment@rvc.ac.uk
Facebook: RVC-SU Environmental Group


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