Wristband Collection- Freshers 2018

Wristband Collection- Freshers 2018

Wristband Collection- Freshers 2018

Sun 23 September 2018 15:00-17:00

Come and collect your wristbands from either campus, depending on where you are based. CAMDEN: Lightwell, Café area. HAWKSHEAD: Buttery Bar

The Students’ Union bar in Camden (The Haxby) and Hakwsheakd (The Buttery) will be open, so why not grab a drink, have a wander and enjoy some light entertainment!

All other tickets should be electronically sent to your email address upon purchase.



Events included in the Wristband:

  1. Initial Impression on 24th Sep
  2. Back To School on 25th Sep
  3. Sports Night on 26th Sep
  4. UOL Party at Fest 27th Sep
  5. Freshers Ball, Ruby Blue on 28th Sep
  6. Pub Crawl on 29th Sep
  7. Kandy at Roxy on 1st Oct
  8. Beerdrinking on 2nd Oct


Free Events:

  1. Pizza Picnic on 23rd Sep
  2. Mug painting on 25th. 27th and 28th Sep
  3. Freshers Fair (compulsory) on 26th including Laser Tag
  4. Regents Park Installation Exhibition on 29th Sep
  5. Film Night at both campuses on 30th Sep


Additional events (not included in the Wristband):

  1. Theatre, Matilda on 27th Sep
  2. SeaLife Trip on 30th Sep
  3. London Pub Crawl, Zoo Bar on 3rd Oct