SSAVS Symposium 2019

SSAVS Symposium 2019

SSAVS Symposium 2019

Sat 18 May 2019 10:00-16:00

Conference Room 1, Hawkshead Campus

We have talks from a brilliant range of speakers lined up for you!

10am : Common Clinical Pathologies from RVC residents

11am : Rabbit Husbandry and Common Problems from Rabbit Residence Rescue

12pm : Pizzas!! including veggie and vegan options

1pm : Independent Practice lecture from Ken Beesley-Evans

2pm : Cancer Cachexia talk from Royal Canin (our sponsors for the event!)

3pm : Street Vet talk from Jade Staff

The money raised will be going to our chosen local charity - Rabbit Residence Rescue We'd like to thank Royal Canin for sponsoring the event.