The Alumni Games

The Alumni Games


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The Alumni Games

Tue 23 Jun 2020 00:00 - Fri 31 Jul 2020 23:59

We've had Camden vs Hawkshead... Now time for Current vs Alumni! THE ALUMNI GAMES!

Welcome to the first ever Virtual Current vs Alumni!

With the huge success of Camden vs Hawskhead Virtual Varsity the RVCSU have teamed up with Alumni Relations to create a varsity between current RVC Students/Staff and RVC Alumni! It's time for Camden and Hawkshead to put aside their differences to compete against a mutual enemy.


Is the current RVC a generation of snowflakes? Or do you think the Alumni are way beyond their prime? Only one way to determine it!


Those of you who took part in CvsHH know the ropes. Those of you freshly joining there are 3 easy steps to get involved:

1) Go to and under The Alumni Games 'buy' a FREE ticket making sure to choose your team. Everyone involved MUST do this so we can ensure everyone participating is RVC or ex-RVC. Alumni can do this with a guest account and we will not keep your email on record beyond these games. 
2) Download Strava and join your respective team* - under clubs search 'RVC Camden Campus 2020' or 'RVC Hawkshead Campus 2020' for current Students/Staff. Or 'RVC Alumni 2020' for Alumni
3) Now run, walk and cycle your team to victory making sure to record it!

*5th years (or should I say New Graduates!) can choose who they want to represent as can current staff who are RVC Alumni.


Points will be given to teams for:

  • Most participants - so just getting a ticket will help your team!
  • Overall furthest run/walked
  • Overall furthest cycled

Individual achievements will also win points for your teams and a prize for yourself

  • Furthest run/walked individual
  • Furthest cycled individual
  • Fastest 1km - send me a screenshot of your time. A point and a prize for fastest male and fastest female
  • Best Strava art - send me your Strava link or a screenshot


Please email all 1km attempts and Strava art entries to We would rather you use Strava but if you are already set up on another running app then we don't want to discriminate so please send screenshots of your runs to the above email and I'll add them onto your team's total. 


DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a free ticket you agree that we are NOT responsible if you hurt, not limited to: injury, disfigurment or death. Any activities done are at your OWN RISK.