Thanksgiving Pie Bake Along

Thanksgiving Pie Bake Along

Thanksgiving Pie Bake Along

Sun 28 November 2021 10:00-13:00


SAVMA would like to welcome students and staff alike to join us in collaboration with the SU International Student Officer for an American Thanksgiving pie bake-along over zoom. All students and staff of all nationalities are welcome!

The SU International Officer, Gigi, will be making three different pies on camera: pumpkin, apple and pecan pie! The recipes are below so please prepare the ingredients for Sunday the 28th and bake along with us! You don't have to bake all three if you don't want to! Additionally, there will be a photo contest for the coolest pies/most nicely decorated pies.

The winner will receive a prize! Photos can be submitted directly on the Facebook event page. Vegan alternatives:

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