Social Media and Dissection Room Policy

As students of the RVC, you are all required to comply with the RVC Student Social Media Policy. This means you should not be posting:
- anything that any stakeholder of the College (students, clients, staff etc) may find offensive
- anything related to their peers without their prior permission
- any images of live or dead animals or image or parts of animals they have had contact with as a result of being a RVC student.

As well as this the College will not accept any form of bullying or harassment

For students using the Dissection Room, I would also like to remind you that you have agreed to under no circumstances use either images or videos of cadaver tissue or RVC owner live animals be shared outside the RVC community. This includes sharing via email, text and social media (including blogs). You are also not permitted to record demonstrators or lecturers in dissection classes or ISFs without their explicit permission. And students are not permitted to publish any teaching material owned by RVC on social media.
Remember, what you post online is public and could be seen by future employers, lecturers, other students and the general public.
Even things shared privately, can become public, if they are later shared without your consent. For those of you on courses leading to RCVS registration, please consider their guidelines on social media.

If anyone has any concerns about anything they have seen on social media, we advise you contact us or the College.